"For over a decade, Suzanne Saltmarsh has played an integral role in my educational development and career as a performing artist. As an instructor, she teaches with vigor and radiates vitality whilst embodying an infectious fortitude invigorating the body and mind to grow beyond the limitations of yesterday. Through her classical methodology and impassioned teachings, she instills unparalleled discipline and ingrains the value of self-expression and the joy of dance.  As a mentor, Suzanne has guided and connected me with various artist, choreographers, and opportunities, domestically and internationally. Throughout my career, she’s been one of my biggest advocates, supporters, and counselors advocating for my success in all endeavors in life."  - Landes Dixon



















"In the one year I worked with Mrs. Saltmarsh, she dedicated countless hours to my development both as a dancer and as a person. Following an injury that requiring me to pause my training for an extended period, Mrs. Saltmarsh helped me rekindled my passion for ballet. I was back in the studio working as hard as ever to get back into shape and continue to pursue my dream. I spent many hours working one-on-one with Mrs. Saltmarsh as she helped me both mentally and physically recover from my injury. I now have a completely new outlook on dance and an even stronger passion for my art. Mrs. Saltmarsh’s encouraged me to pursue elite dance programs soon after we began working together. With her guidance and intensive training, I eventually auditioned and was accepted into the Boston Ballet School for my Senior year and have been continuing my training there ever since. I owe so much to Mrs. Saltmarsh for what she has helped me accomplish so far and look forward to having her guidance throughout the rest of my dance career." -Clara Trednick




"My approach to dance changed once Ms. Saltmarsh entered my life. In the time I have been with her, she has provided me with corrections that challenged my body as well as my mind. I can still hear her say, “Be mindful, give the steps care.” Ms. Saltmarsh helped me understand the mental and physical relationship that I must have with dance. Understanding dance on an intellectual level is something that allowed me to progress my dancing on a physical level. Ms. Saltmarsh makes Saltmarsh Dance a community and I feel blessed be a part of that community. Although I no longer train with Ms. Saltmarsh, I am still a part of Saltmarsh Dance.  Ms. Saltmarsh’s love for teaching is evident though her dedication to her students. Saltmarsh Dance is a community of handworkers. The dancers encourage each other’s growth in an environment that supports the development of each individual dancer. Ms. Saltmarsh is sensitive to the needs of each student and will go above and beyond to see them succeed. The most important lesson Ms. Saltmarsh has taught me is find joy in dancing, to love each and every step. She has cultivated my passion for dance. Ms. Saltmarsh has truly nurtured my growth into a dancer."~Emily Rice









Student with Teachers

"Our daughter loves Saltmarsh Dance so much she begs to just stay there and watch the older students learn even when she’s not dancing. She studies their choreography when she’s resting and learns more about how to form her moves and the self-discipline to make it happen. She loves Ms. Saltmarsh and her style of teaching, because she cares and spends time to show her the details, make corrections and develop her technique and artistry. Liliana knows she can trust her experience and that Ms. Saltmarsh will keep things interesting and set the tone for the piece of music or choreography they’re working on together. Her way of inviting the dancers to dig deeper, express themselves and take artistic risks with choreography and theatrical arrangements are what keep things fresh. Ms. Saltmarsh meets and expands Liliana’s level of intensity like no other!  Her dancers know their vocabulary and their technique is polished and ready for whatever is next. She makes them work hard and share in the spirit of team and family. My daughter adores ballet and contemporary and never seems quite as happy as when she’s on the floor at Saltmarsh Dance with Ms. Suzanne Saltmarsh there. She’s also gotten to know Ms. Alexia, Ms. Ashley and Ms. Libby - and it’s been an exploration and education with a variety of styles and personalities to learn from. The teachers are all outstanding! This year she was excited to go to her first competition at YAGP and UBC with the team of dancers, be in the Nutcracker, get her first pair of pointe shoes and learn more about costume making and what it takes to make a ballet. An experience at Saltmarsh Dance is being part of a family of hard working dancers who have fun together, never compromise artistry and lead with respect and care for each other." ~ Sheahan family