Because of what happened, because of how for minutes, uncounted time actually stood still, the dancers dream of stopping time in mid air was not realized as one would have hoped. Instead, time stood in emanate doom and could barely move. Nor could my body move. Even though the mind raced, the soul was not available.

It was crushed and fragmented into bits so few. It fell with the many, the thousands, also with no preparation, no ability to react.

We as dancers are not good at this, this freeze. We feel the heart race and the body yearn to follow yet the feet are lead.

Now more than ever before, we need a reason to dance. A reason to accept that movements pure and free are also inalienable rights as Americans. This truly is a gift. And it is our responsibility to share it with others, and give to them the joy of believing in their lives as well.

I have been unable to dance, until now.

On Monday, September 16th, I watched class (something I never do).

There was a young man there that I had never seen. He was beautiful... so talented, so real. I could not watch anyone else... I would look away only to come back to him. I would long for him to push his body harder through the material, to finish everything, to soar higher, to turn more revolutions... more and more.

I wanted him TO DANCE.

And in that moment, I realized I was hoping.


And in that moment, it all made sense why I dance. Why we need dance.

Because it is as beautiful as the flag that was flying on September 11th, 2001.

Dance is Hope.

It allows the viewer the chance to believe that the human body and the human spirit can soar.

That is so wonderful.

In that moment, I understood my love for dance and I can now see its real validity. and real need in our lives and in our communities. Dance is a vital part of our world. It can enrich and heal so many hearts and therefore, we must continue.

We all must continue to give in our own and very significant way. Now I can go back to class and back to making dances.

And I Hope that you will too.